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Printed Plastic Cups for your Outdoor Fair

Printed Plastic Cups for your Outdoor Fair

As a business, you work hard to advertise and establish an easily recognizable brand name. You base your business on your hard work, providing the best for your clients or customers. But unless you can generate more interest and get a steady stream of new clients, you will not be running a very successful business. Billboards, visibility at local events, giveaways, television ads, and print advertising are all great options to advertise your business. Unfortunately, not all businesses, especially the small-scale start-ups may not be able to budget for these advertising options. Or you may be looking for a newer, better way to advertise than what you have already used. Simple and inexpensive custom printed disposable tableware may be exactly what you need.

Printed Plastic Cups Provide Visibility for your Business

custom printed drink cupsUsing custom printed drink cups for an event, or just at your establishment, is an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your business. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event- everything from an employees’ luncheon, Christmas party, company picnic, trade show, sponsorship event, and much more, can always provide the perfect setting for using printed cups. Just think how easily these can help to generate more interest, and possibly generate more business for you. Those at your event will use these drink cups to drink out of. An eye-catching company logo is sure to arouse curiosity and make people look. People also tend to hold drink cups in their hands as they walk around, or even take it in their cars when they leave. So the number of people who can possibly see your company logo on the drink cup(s) increases exponentially. Especially at an outdoor event or fair, it becomes easy, affordable, and hygienic to provide

So the number of people who can possibly see your company logo on the drink cup(s) increases exponentially. Especially at an outdoor event or fair, it becomes easy, affordable, and hygienic to provide printed Styrofoam cups, for example, that not only provide good use but also help to establish your brand name. While you can also have other products such as napkins or coasters, these tend to be used in a way that does not display your company logo/information in a prominent way. Coasters may be hidden under other tableware, and napkins can be used and discarded without even fully opening. Custom printed coffee cups or other drink cups in comparison can show off your company information in a much more visible manner. To make sure that you are getting good quality cups with perfect printing to represent the high quality of your business, just contact Flamingo Paper and Food Services (FPFS).

FPFS can provide the Best Drink Cups or other Products

Flamingo Paper and Food ServicesLocated in Florida, FPFS is a leading supplier of premium disposable tableware solutions since 1954. We are committed to providing the best quality products at competitive prices in a timely manner. We are a minority and family owned operation and are always striving to develop new and innovative products that can help your business even more. Other than drink cups, we also carry napkins, coasters, place mats, and other tableware. We use fashionable, sophisticated designs with a wide range of decorator colors so that you get a finished product that you are proud to display. We can be an invaluable partner for you in helping you improve the way you do business.

The choices that we offer for drink cups are varied. The sizes of drink cups vary from a small 8 oz. cup to a 24 oz. The material of the cups may also vary. Each type of cup has specific features that make it suitable for different needs. Just check out our Custom Printed Cups page to get detailed information about the options we carry. You can also call us toll-free at +1 305-770-6585 and one of our experienced professionals will be happy to assist you.

We understand how important it is for any business to present a top quality product that represents the same high standard as its products and services. To this end, we work with you and pay attention to detail so that the final product that you order meets your every expectation. Not only do our drink cups or other disposable products make a bold statement about your company and reflect its high quality, they also provide a no-fuss, affordable, and hygienic solution.

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