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Printed Napkins for Wedding Services

Printed Napkins for Wedding Services

printed paper napkinsWeddings are such a special time for celebration, love, family, and fun! Whether you are getting married yourself, or someone you know is, being a part of it is something you may eagerly look forward to. But before the special day arrives and everything flows smoothly for the bride, the groom, and their family and friends, a lot of time and effort has already been put into all the preparations. From big items such as the dresses, the cake, and the venue, to the small details like the color of the flowers, the type of paper for the invitations, and the style of tableware– everything needs to be thought about and decided.

While you can spend as much or as little on your wedding as you want, you obviously want to create a memorable experience for yourself and for your guests to remember. If you create a welcoming, pleasant atmosphere with plenty of great food and drinks and fun entertainment, everyone will enjoy themselves and you will get rave reviews for your wedding. And best of all, having a memorable wedding does not mean you need to spend a lot. Even if you want your wedding to be a formal, sophisticated affair, you can do that even within a limited budget. One of the things you can save on is having printed paper napkins rather than the more expensive cloth napkins. These will not only save you some green, they may actually be a better option in many ways. Let’s see how.

Where can You Find Premium Printed Napkins?

disposable custom napkinsAs a leading supplier of premium disposable tableware solutions, Flamingo Paper and Food Services (FPFS) can provide you with custom printed napkins for your wedding. When you think of paper napkins, what first comes to mind is the cheap, rough, and small napkins that you generally use at fast food restaurants. But when you think of napkins from FPFS, they are just the opposite. Especially for events such as weddings, we offer a line of embossed or textured napkins that look sophisticated and can be used just as well as cloth napkins.

We can customize the napkins with a design and/or logo of your choice. We can even use the colors you want, to match with the rest of your wedding décor. Or you can choose from a variety of colored paper napkins that we carry. No matter what your needs, we will be happy to work with you and provide you with a customized product that is as stylish and sophisticated as your event. We are also committed to fulfilling our customers’ needs at the lowest possible price, so you know you are getting the best value for your money. Just check out our website to see the range of napkins we offer, or to see all the other products we carry. From weddings to corporate events to supplying disposable tableware for hotels and businesses, we are your one-stop-shop for all your disposable tableware needs.

Advantages of Custom Printed Napkins

Flamingo Paper and Food ServicesThere are some great advantages that come with using disposable custom napkins for your wedding:

  • Disposable napkins are more hygienic than cloth napkins. Since they are not reused, there are no chances of them not being cleaned properly like the cloth ones. The chance of any cross contamination is removed.
  • Paper napkins are simple and convenient to use and dispose of.
  • Unlike reusable cloth napkins, paper napkins offer cost savings due to eliminating the need of washing them.
  • There are cost savings with using paper napkins since they are cheaper to buy and there is no cost for cleaning since they are disposable.
  • Paper napkins are much easier and cheaper to customize.
  • Disposable custom napkins are less bulky and easier to use in outdoor settings than their cloth counterparts.

With so many great reasons to use printed paper napkins, why would you use anything else? Especially with FPFS’ top quality napkins and other useful tableware products, you need not worry about quality or expense- you know you are getting the best for both. We are just a phone call away at +1 305-770-6585 to fulfill all your wedding tableware needs.

Use custom printed napkins for your wedding from Flamingo Paper and Food Services. With a variety of styles, designs, and colors, these napkins are sure to add a sophisticated touch to your event.

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