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Efficient Custom Printed Drink Cups

Efficient Custom Printed Drink Cups

At Flamingo Paper & Food Service LLC, we have some of the essentials you need to have a great party or have economically efficient advertising for your business with custom printed drink cups that are disposable.

Here at Flamingo paper, we have been serving customers for over 60 decades. We have also been a lead supplier of premium disposable tableware solutions. In our collection of products, you will find more than just cups for any business or event. You can also have custom-printed napkins, placemats, coasters, napkin bands, tray covers, and glasscaps. We are happy to serve the foodservice, janitorial, healthcare, hospitality, and catering industries in the United States, Latin America, and Caribbean markets. Our 30,000 square-foot facility is strategically located in the south-eastern part of the United States to help with the distribution of our products to every location we ship to.

The ability we have to customize disposable tableware solutions provides customers for affordable and efficient advertising and brand recognition. Flamingo is also always developing new and innovative products that will help you as a customer in any area whether it is business advertisement or party decoration.


news2The business we run is a minority family business so we understand the importance of personal assistance and prompt service. Our professionals take pride in their job and are very experienced and responsive so you can expect to receive the best and ultimate service for any occasion. It is ensured that you will enjoy a peace of mind knowing you will get the product you ordered in half the time as other manufactures.

When you order from Flamingo, we are committed to fulfilling your needs at the lowest possible costs. This will result in a very quick turnaround time on competitive orders and pricing. We are a valuable partner in the ever-changing food and janitorial marketplace.

Using disposable custom printed drink cups, as well as our other products, is more economical and your business, or party, will be making a bold statement. Using disposable products is not only professional or fun, but is also a hygienic option. You won’t have to worry about cross contamination. It will also limit your work load. Washing cups and cloth napkins will not have to happen after any party or gathering. You will be able to simply throw them away. You can also make sure everyone has what they need, especially if you only have cups for certain people, or a certain amount of people.

Different Uses for your Printed Plastic Cups

Any disposable cup can be found at any grocery or party store. You can find plain colored ones, ones that say “Happy Birthday or “Congratulations”, and maybe other ones for other occasions. It is hard however, to find ones that are personalized for every business and party. When you order printed plastic cups from us, you can get what you need for any business or party.

We are the largest distributor on the east coast of custom printed cups. If you are looking for a special design for a party or a way to market your business, then custom cups is the way to go. They can be personalized for any birthday, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, and any business. We can do up to four color schemes to not only match your logo but make it stand out so everyone will notice it. The cups we can print on are Styrofoam, translucent, and clear.

We can add lids to your cups for an additional cost, but you are getting cups that are personalized to you. We ship at no less than 5,000 and they get to you 4-6 weeks after the proof.

If you’re looking for more than custom cups for a business or occasion, then we are your one-stop company. Besides cups, we offer napkins, placemats, coasters, napkin bands, and glass covers.

Our napkins can also be printed on to match your cups. They come in embossed or textured and are very hygienic. They are only used once by one person. After each use they are thrown away. There is no use washing paper and it will be an easy clean up. You will not have to worry about washing a thousand cloth napkins after every use making sure they are sanitized correctly. They can be customized to fit you, save you time and money, and are cleaner than your cloth napkins.

To make your napkins look neat and clean, you can use our napkin bands that can also customize. To save time and labor, it might benefit you to wrap your napkins ahead of time. They are clean and hygienic only sticking to themselves. You can print your name, logo, and promotional message on the band.

Our placemats come in a variety of colors to help you save on big messes. If you are looking to keep your tables clean and your nice placemats free from stains, these disposable ones are the way to go. Not only will you not have to wash them, but if someone spills food all over it, they can simply pick it up in the placemat and throw it away.

Along with keeping your surfaces clean, coasters will benefit you very well. Hard water stains on any surface might not be what you are looking. With your custom cups, you can use your custom coasters to save your surfaces from getting damaged.

When you are at an outdoor event, it might be safe to invest in some custom glass covers. Guests do not want to pick up a glass with a friend in it. It is a unique and individually tailored image that your guests will enjoy.

Disposable tableware is beneficial in more than one way. They are hygienic because only one person will ever use the item. Secondly, it will save time on clean up. Instead of you having to worry about washing everything, it can all simply be thrown away. The next time you host a function, think Flamingo.

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