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Custom Printed Napkins from Flamingo Paper & Food Service

Custom Printed Napkins from Flamingo Paper & Food Service

The use of disposable products in a restaurant establishment may seem to be less than budget friendly; however, it can be a smart, cost cutting move on your part.

Cash in the Trash?

Although the thought of purchasing disposable products, such as napkins and cups, may seem like throwing money away (literally), it can actually save money in the long run.  While the initial outlay of cash to purchase a substantial amount of disposable products can be high, in the long run disposable products actually save money.

The additional labor and supplies to clean non-disposable plates, cups, and napkins over time will cost far more than the purchase of disposables.  There is still a cost associated with purchasing these items, regardless of what type you purchase (disposable or not), and breakage of glasses and plates will require replacement cost.  Non-disposable napkins require cleaning, whether you clean your own or hire a cleaning company to provide this service.

A linen company will clean your napkins as well as replace any that are damaged, but you are looking at a weekly cost that can add up quite fast.  In addition, these usually require labor costs to fold napkins or wrap silverware.  Paper napkins go straight to the trash, no middle man involved.

Free Advertising

Most cloth napkins will be plain – simply one color cloth with no printing.  Paper napkins, on the other hand, can be personalized with anything you like.  You supply the artwork and verbiage, we supply the napkins, plus, depending on the type of napkin you choose, you can have three to four color combinations.


Now more than ever, people are conscious of the need to reuse and recycle.  Flamingo Paper and Food Service, LLC is committed to doing our part and helping you do yours.  All of our paper products are made with 100% recycled, biodegradable paper.  Your customers will appreciate your contribution to saving the earth.

Beyond the Dining Room

Our customers extend far beyond just restaurants.  No matter what type of business you have, if you use napkins, we can work for you.  Our clients include cafes, caterers, bakeries, delis, hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, and many more.  If your business uses napkins, we can work for you.

How about some custom napkins for your next event?  Class and family reunions, sweet 16 parties, anniversary celebrations, weddings, bat mitzvahs, corporate Christmas parties, birthday parties, business conference rooms, and everything in between.  If you need napkins and want to stand out, Flamingo is the right place to be.

The Right Size

Choose from cocktail napkins, beverage napkins, dinner napkins, luncheon napkins, and dispenser napkins.  Dinner napkins come in four fold, or for a more high end look, choose 1/8thfold.  Cloth napkins require you to either launder them yourself, or contract a linen company to do the same.  Linen service can cost upwards of $150 per week.  This is an ongoing cost that can only go up in price.  Paper napkins are a huge cost savings over time.

Another cost not often considered is theft.  Just like making off with some hotel towels, some diners can’t seem to resist walking away with a napkin or two (not to mention bread plates, silverware, salt and pepper shakers, etc.).  You can be certain your linen company is not going to absorb that cost, so it comes right off your bottom line.

Benefits of Paper Napkins

news-1We have already discussed the issue of cost, but what are some other reasons to use paper napkins?  Anyone in the restaurant business knows that diners receiving silverware with residual food on it are not very happy.  Suffice it to say that a diner receiving a cloth napkin with a stain is not very happy either.  Paper napkins can be personalized with your business name and logo, or other words or graphics.  You design it, we print it.  Paper napkins are eco-friendly and save water.  There is no detergent residue from washing either.

 Want More?

Our line of quality personalized napkins has something for every need.  Flamingo Paper & Food Service is your source for the disposable products you need for your clients.  Through the integration with A & W Cup Company, we now offer custom Styrofoam cups from 8 oz and up; we truly have a cup for all needs.  Our cup line goes far beyond Styrofoam.  You will find all types of plastic cups as well.  There are cups for cold beverages and cups for hot, all detailed with a business name and/or logo.

Still want more?  We can supply paper wrapping strips for napkins and silverware.  You can have a business name or logo or both.  Wrappers are a convenient way to keep utensils clean, and it makes setting up tables faster and easier.  Another great item to have as a subtle business ad is coasters.  Another advertising trick with coasters is to give them away at various events.  It’s an item people can use with your name on it!  Take it a step further with placemats, serving tray liners, and glass covers, all personalized with a business name or logo.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Competition is stiffer than ever for consumer dollars, and businesses are doing all they can to stay a step ahead of the competition.  You never know what might work in your favor and make customers remember your name.  Your name and logo in front of as many eyes as you can get is never a bad thing.  Invest in your business; invest in the environment; invest in your success.

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