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Custom Printing

Using custom-printed disposable tableware in your establishment is more than economical; it also makes a bold statement about your company. In business, the image you project to your customers is as important as the quality of your services. Customized tableware conveys professionalism, careful attention to detail and reflects the quality of your establishment while providing … Continue reading "Custom Printing"

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Efficient Custom Printed Drink Cups

At Flamingo Paper & Food Service LLC, we have some of the essentials you need to have a great party or have economically efficient advertising for your business with custom printed drink cups that are disposable. Here at Flamingo paper, we have been serving customers for over 60 decades. We have also been a lead … Continue reading "Efficient Custom Printed Drink Cups"

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Premium Disposable Tableware Solutions

Owning a business or catering service is all about have the products you need to put out the work you are offering to clients and customers. You supply the food and here at Flamingo Paper & Food Service LLC, we can offer you custom, premium disposable tableware solutions. We have cups and napkins and even … Continue reading "Premium Disposable Tableware Solutions"

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Hygienic Custom Printed Napkins

Parties and business functions are always going on in the world. Buying supplies can get expensive and exhausting especially when you can not find exactly what you are looking for. Custom printed napkins can be customized to fit any occasion and are very hygienic. Paper napkins are not only hygienic, but they area also economically efficient … Continue reading "Hygienic Custom Printed Napkins"

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Everyone is familiar with paper cups, but did you know they can save lives? Paper cups were invented to help curb the spread of deadly infectious diseases. After the Civil War and reactively to the temperance movement, drinking plain water became more popular. As part of the temperance movement, public drinking facilities were instituted, and … Continue reading "Let your Church Make an Impact using Disposable Printed Cups"

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