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The Top Four Premium Disposable Tableware Solutions for Schools

Flamingo Paper & Food Services specializes in premium disposable tableware solutions. Whether for homes, business, or even schools – we feature a full range of disposable printed cups and disposable printed napkins. Since 1954, we have serviced a range of industries with affordable and practical tableware products and services. We are also committed to excellence … Continue reading "The Top Four Premium Disposable Tableware Solutions for Schools"

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Printed Napkins for Wedding Services

Weddings are such a special time for celebration, love, family, and fun! Whether you are getting married yourself, or someone you know is, being a part of it is something you may eagerly look forward to. But before the special day arrives and everything flows smoothly for the bride, the groom, and their family and … Continue reading "Printed Napkins for Wedding Services"

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Printed Plastic Cups for your Outdoor Fair

As a business, you work hard to advertise and establish an easily recognizable brand name. You base your business on your hard work, providing the best for your clients or customers. But unless you can generate more interest and get a steady stream of new clients, you will not be running a very successful business. … Continue reading "Printed Plastic Cups for your Outdoor Fair"

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Do you Have Disposable Printed Cups for your Waiting Room? You Should!

Advertising and building a brand that is easily recognizable is very important for businesses to thrive. What do you immediately think of when you see the “golden arches” anywhere? McDonalds! Similarly, there are many other companies who have made their logos unmistakable and their business is recognizable worldwide. But this did not happen in a … Continue reading "Do you Have Disposable Printed Cups for your Waiting Room? You Should!"

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Custom Napkins are Perfect for Convention Centers

Your convention center is going to see a lot of activities, from comic book conventions to national conferences, you never know what is going to walk through those front doors. Well, actually, you will know ahead of time, because at some point someone will have to schedule their event, and before that happens, you need … Continue reading "Custom Napkins are Perfect for Convention Centers"

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